Vacheron Constantin series



High-end boutique ☞ Vacheron Constantin Sihai series 4300 Vacheron Constantin 120G-B102 calendar multi-function watch, equipped with the authentic Cal.1120QP movement, equipped with Overseas characteristics of the world swing, with calendar, day, month, moon phase, and other functions, all functions can be used normally. Dial diameter 41.5 mm, front and rear sapphire mirror, rising sun satin brushed dial, with minute scale inner shadow circle, super luminous. Like the authentic watch, the strap can be easily changed by flipping the small lever between the strap and the ear, literally adjusting the real 1:1 reproduction. 316L stainless steel case, screw-in crown, round with micro-oval phenotype is one of the most characteristic representatives of the world. Factory recommendation: Jiangshi VC Denton all over the world, heroic nature, eternal classic, you deserve to have!


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