YS AQUANAUT Series 5167A watches upgraded again



[King of Steel Watch resplendence] YS AQUANAUT series 5167A watches once again upgraded, new style [seduced] following the best-selling “Nautilus” West Rail City movement, YS factory once again ingenuity to create Patek Philippe popular “hand grenade” men’s watches, new feedback attack upgrade 1 ️watches: replacement of super scratch-resistant sapphire glass mirror upgrade 2 ️watches: new synchronous 316 steel bracelet Upgrade with original clasp 3 ️watch: new Swarovski crystal drill ring [movement] with YS focus on the new Japanese imported West Railway City 8215 movement, and bear the advantage of high quality and stable high performance and price of West Railway City, 0 ️watch repair concerns, modify the original synchronous pendulum [case] 316L stainless steel case CNC process to restore the authentic case shape, Radian The ultimate pursuit of the original 0 ️watch gap [bracelet] the use of imported rubber watch strap customized ergonomic bracelet, with the original watch clasp [dial] adhering to the fine of the big factory, strictly investigate the literal grain gap, scale thickness, luminous color, and strive to synchronize the authentic 0 ️watch gap ⚠️ exclusive YS products


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